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The fastest resolution to your case. Period.

No negotiation. No litigation. No waiting. No endless expenses. No juries. No judges. No appeals. No Problems.

With an ever-increasing backlog of cases, Swift Arbitration Services offers a bold new approach to case resolution. Mediation and arbitration is an alternative to frustrating never-ending negotiations and lengthy court battles.

How Arbitration Works


Both parties submit documents, records, itemizations, or other materials electronically.


Parties meet virtually with the arbitrator via video link. The arbitrator will hear testimony from witnesses and short statements from counsel.


The arbitrator sends you a final decision within 24 hours.

Why Arbitration?

The litigation system does not always offer a solution. A jury’s verdict is rarely final. Appeals can last for years. Arbitration offers a faster, less expensive, final solution. Arbitration is the future of case resolution.

Our arbitration-only solution is not a part of the litigation system; it is an alternative to the litigation system. The drawbacks to the litigation system are equally a problem on both sides of the courtroom. Delay, expense and a lack of finality are far bigger dangers than the party at the other table. For many cases an entirely different method of resolution — arbitration — is the best alternative.

Arbitration also provides a solution to cases which would cost both sides more than the cases are worth to litigate. Arbitration is not a part of litigation, it is an alternative to litigation.

Aaron Murphy
Aaron Murphy has participated in thousands of case negotiations, countless meditations, and arbitrations. Surprisingly, Aaron found that arbitration is the least common method of case resolution currently practiced in the field of civil litigation.

Because of the COVID-19 epidemic and backlog of cases created by closed courthouses, Aaron decided to create an option for final, fast, and inexpensive case resolution made available to anyone who wants to avoid the time and expense of endless courthouse battles. Aaron offers arbitration at a flat fee and with a standard 24 hour decision time.