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About Swift Arbitration Services

Swift Arbitration Services offers an alternative to expensive, drawn-out litigation. The drawbacks to our litigation system are a problem on both sides of the courtroom. Delay, expense and a lack of finality are far bigger dangers than the party at the other table.

For many cases an entirely different method of resolution – arbitration – is the best alternative. Arbitration provides a solution to cases that could cost both sides more to litigate that a settlement or final judgment are even worth. Arbitration is not a part of litigation; it is an alterative to litigation, and an ideal solution for many car accident and personal injury cases that require quick dispute resolution.

With the COVID-19 epidemic and the backlog of case created by courthouse closures, arbitration can quickly resolve cases that might otherwise be stuck in the courts for years. Additionally, arbitration can be conducted through video and digitally, meaning the parties involved don’t have to be in the same room (or even the same city or state).

Note: Parties who are unwilling to fully commit to an arbitration decision are encouraged to enter into a high-low agreement prior to arbitration. This agreement is not disclosed to the arbitrator and allows the parties to gain the benefits of arbitration while still maintaining control of the outcome.

Aaron Murphy


Aaron MurphyAaron Murphy graduated from the University of Louisville’s Brandeis School of Law where he was a twice a member of the ABA Negotiation team and took classes in negotiation and arbitration. He is licensed to practice law in Kentucky and Alabama. He is also a registered United States Patent Attorney. Aaron is admitted to the Federal Courts for the Eastern and Western District of Kentucky and the Northern and Southern Districts of Indiana. He is also admitted to practice before the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Aaron has tried cases before juries in both state and federal courts. He has taken appellate cases to the Kentucky Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, and before that Kentucky Supreme Court. Additionally, Aaron has multiple published and unpublished opinions to date.

Having participated in thousands of case negotiations, meditations, and arbitrations, Aaron highly experienced in these areas of law and dispute resolution. Surprisingly, Aaron found that arbitration is the least common method of case resolution currently practiced in the field of civil litigation. Because of the COVID-19 epidemic and backlog of cases created by closed courthouses, Aaron decided to create an option for final, fast, and inexpensive case resolution made available to anyone who wants to avoid the time and expense of endless courthouse battles. Aaron offers arbitration at a flat fee and with a standard 24 hour decision time.

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